Now that you’ve created your new Endavo account, here are some helpful steps to get your account set up.

Account Information

Setting Up Your Profile and Account Settings

  1. User Profile: Click Edit on your user profile page to update any information. Click Done (Save) when finished. Click on your username (or profile icon) on the top right of the account page. 
    1. Connect to Social Networks - On your user profile page (bottom), you can add social network permissions for sharing video clips on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You will need your login information for each social network account if your device isn’t already logged in. Click on any of these to grant permission for your Endavo account to connect. Once connected, you can share clips from any videos in your library with immediate or scheduled posts. 
  2. Account Settings: Click on your user name or Community [Settings] at the top of your account page to go to your account settings. 
    1. General Information: Click edit to change any general settings and save. 
    2. Users: Here you can view and edit your admin users. If your account is enabled to add users, click Add User to add new. 
      1. Admin User - Admin users have access to all activated account modules and features and can also edit account settings. 
      2. User (Standard)
      3. Regular (Basic) - A Regular user can access all tabs and features with the exception of account settings and financial reports. Regular users have limited edit rights.
      4. Finance - A finance user can only access financial reports
      5. Moderator - A moderator can only access the content moderation module to review, accept and deny moderated media.
      6. SEO - A SEO user can only access media, series, channels, categories for the purpose of managing metadata for SEO purposes. 
    3. Stripe: If you want to sell subscriptions or accept one-time payments for content access, you’ll need to set your account up with Stripe. Under Account settings, find Payment Gateways. On that page, click on "Connect with Stripe" to set up a new Stripe Express account or to connect with your existing Stripe account. Once connected, it will activate subscriptions and plans so that you can set up subscriptions and rental plans that can be applied to your channels and content. 
    4. Subscription Plans: Once you activate your Stripe account, you can add subscription plans to any of your channels or overall site. Click Add New on the Subscription Plans page. Once added, you can add that plan to any channel in your account. You can change/add subscription plans at any time and change plans for channels. (Note: Since subscription plans are recurring payments, you have to be careful when switching plans on a channel or overall site and decide how you want to handle existing subscribers. Contact support if you have any questions.)
    5. Google Analytics: On your Account Settings menu, you can find Google Analytics to connect your site (and apps if upgraded) to your Google Analytics account. Endavo is integrated with GA and we have built a multidimensional reporting module in your account, under the Reports tab, that allows you to build/filter specific reports that fit your needs and goals. You will need to create a Universal Analytics property in your GA account in order to get the Tracking ID and Views ID required to connect your Web App to GA in order for EMMS to pull GA data for our advanced views reporting. NOTE: When you add the property, click Advanced Options to create Universal Analytics property and check Universal Analytics Only option. 
      1. If you need help setting up a Google Analytics account or property, you can find instructions here -
      2. IMPORTANT NOTE:  After you set up your Google Property in GA, you will need to add the following user to that property in order to connect correctly. When you add the user, uncheck "notify by email" and check all permissions before saving.
      3. For more detailed information click here
    1. Email and Notifications: here you can add emails and email notification settings that are used from your OTT apps to direct your subscriber/member actions.

Once you're finished editing your settings, click on any tab (e.g., Media) on the top bar to return to your main account menu and dashboard. 

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Thanks for reading! Check out our resources and blog on our website to get more helpful tips, use cases, and creative ideas for building your OTT business.