Connect to Payment Gateway

Connect your Stripe account to Endavo so you can offer subscriptions, rentals and donations.

Endavo uses Stripe as our primary payment gateway for web-based subscriptions and other transactions. Stripe offers a ton of features and flexibility for online services, including international services. You can click here to learn more about Stripe.

Before you can set up Subscription Plans, Rental Plans for VOD or Live Events, or accept Donations, you must connect your Endavo account to your Stripe account. 

💡 Important Pro Tip: If you already have an existing Stripe account and if you use it for other business, we recommend that you set up a separate account in your Stripe dashboard to separate Endavo transactions from your other business. Log into your Stripe dashboard and you can add a new account by clicking Accounts on the top left and add a new account ("Endavo"). Once added, you will see this account as an option when you connect your Stripe account using the instructions below. 

Connect Stripe to Endavo 

  • Go to Settings > Payment Gateways > Connect with Stripe
  • Complete the Stripe Set Up Forms to Connect Account. If you already have a Stripe account, you can use your account email to connect to existing account. 

Stripe Set Up Screen
  • Once your Stripe account is connected to your Endavo account, you will see your account listed as Active in your Payment Gateways list

payment gateway list
  • Once Stripe is connected, you can create subscription plans, rental plans and add donations in your EMMS dashboard.

Working with Stripe

Endavo's integration with Stripe includes pulling real time transactional data from Stripe into EMMS so that you can track your OTT business performance (revenue, etc.) and individual transactions directly inside your Endavo dashboard. However, you may also want to get familiar with the Stripe dashboard, where you can find even more granular information and change certain payment gateway settings directly on Stripe. Log into your Stripe account to get familiar and learn more. Here's a short introduction to the Stripe dashboard to get you started: 


Additional Payment Gateways

For upgraded Endavo accounts with mobile and OTT apps, we also use individual app stores (e.g., Apple App Store, Roku) for in-app purchases, subscriptions and transactions. We have integrated with our supported app stores so that users who subscribe or make a purchase on any of your apps can securely authenticate and access purchased content or services across all of your apps. We also collect all transactional data in EMMS from all the gateways, so you can track everything in one place and generate consolidated reports. 


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