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Manage App Options

Easily create a single set of Apps Options once and apply to all your Apps or create separate Options for individual Apps.

Manage your App settings and Options in the App and App Options pages under the Apps tab. OTT Channel accounts have a single Web App unless otherwise ordered. OTT Channel Pro, Platform and Network accounts may have multiple Apps that can be viewed and edited. 

Create, View and Edit App Options: 

  1. Click Add New to create a new set of App Options, if available (to apply to one or more Apps), skip to 5.
  2. To view and edit your App Options settings and information, click on the App Options name to view and then edit by clicking Edit at the bottom of the page. (Go straight to Edit mode by clicking Edit on the right of the App Options name on the App Options list.)
  3. Clone App Options by clicking Clone in the menu (...) on the right of App Options name in the list. Do this if you want to add a new set of App Options but start with an existing configuration. 
  4. NOTE: You can see the Apps that are using a set of existing Apps Options in the view screen only (not in edit mode) by clicking on App Options name in the list of App Options. App Options are applied to Apps in the Apps edit page. 
  5. App Options General Information and Options
    1. Name - it's a good idea to name this so that you will understand the purpose of this set of options (e.g., Main Options or Roku Options). 
    2. Featured Channel - optional selection if you would like to feature a specific channel in a "Featured" carousel on your Apps home page. 
    3. Default Playlist - select an existing playlist for your App. Click here for more information on creating and managing Playlists. 
    4. Base Skin - choose white or dark background for your App. 
    5. Site Title and Description - Used mainly for SEO for Web Apps (websites) but may also be used for internal purposes or in some cases may be pulled by other Apps.
    6. Default Images - These images are used as backup if images are not created or added to media items, channels, series, categories, live events, live channels, banners, etc. Typically, a muted, branded image is best used for this purpose but any creative can be used as a default image on your Apps. 
    7. Logo Image - This is the logo for your App header and footer. CLICK HERE to learn more about adding your logo to your site and apps. 
  6. Apps Options Sections -
    1. Modules - This section dictates content structures that will be used by the App. For example, if you have Series added to your account, but do not want Series to be used by your app (in carousels, lists, etc.), then uncheck Series here. 
      1. Type - select how you want to name your videos and series in the menus and carousels. 
      2. Live - do you need a separate Live page? don't check unless you have a custom set-up (default unchecked)
      3. Members - if you plan to to accept member registrations (default checked)
      4. Uploads - for member uploads if available in your account (default unchecked)
      5. Connected Devices - default unchecked
      6. Contact Us - check this box if we have created a contact us page for you (default unchecked) 
    2. Navigation - This section dictates the main navigation menu for your App. IMPORTANT NOTE: Navigation is only available for active (checked) modules (see above). 
      1. Dropdowns - check dropdown vs. displaying a page with a list of thumbnail images. NOTE: if you choose to select thumbnail list page (uncheck dropdowns), you need to make sure images are uploaded for individual channels and categories (or default image will display) 
      2. About Us - only check this box if we've created an "about us" page for you (unchecked by default)
      3. User Menu - this is for end user (member) menu on your App. Select "without sign up" if you would like to provide private credentials to a fixed group of members vs. allowing public sign-ups. 
      4. User Menu Checkboxes - if you choose full use menu, all menu checkboxes will be checked. You can unchecked if there are user menu items you do not want to display for users. 

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