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Use Playlists to Publish your Content to your Apps

Learn how to create playlists and add channels to your site and apps. Easily organize your video content on your channel.

  1. Playlists: Playlists dictate which channels and content get published to your site and apps. Playlists are also used to manage shared channels (Syndication > Endavo export & external export). 
    • Create a playlist by clicking Add New on the Playlists page and add desired channels (and videos) to your playlist (Advanced: You can have multiple playlists for different apps or other purposes). Once a channel is added, all new content you added to channels or added to a playlist will be automatically published to your site and apps, as directed by the playlist. Learn more about creating Playlists.
    • 💡 ATTN Trial Account Users - trial accounts come with a preassigned playlist for your trial account website (Advanced: Playlists can be added/changed in App Options).
    • You can choose to auto-add new channels to your playlists when you add new channels to your account, or you can turn off auto-add and manually add channels. 
    • Once you add channels/content to your playlist, it will all publish to your website/apps with the assigned playlist within a few minutes (please allow up to 15 minutes to see new content on your site). 
  1. Add Channels - see How To Add and Manage Channels 
  2. Reorder videos in a Channel: Easily fix the order of certain videos in your channel by clicking Channels > [Channel Name], then pinning videos to your desired order on the Channel form page. Please allow up to 15 minutes to see the new channel order on your site or apps. 
  3. Web App Options: You can easily manage and edit options on your ottchannel.com website by going to the Apps page.
    • On the Apps page, you can edit basic app information. Click here for details. 
    • On the App Options page, you can edit more detailed options on your site. Click Here for details. 
    • Upload a logo for your site header and footer by editing App Options and clicking on the Navigation tab. For best results, please note logo image size recommendations. Click here for details. 

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