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Manage App Settings

Easily view and edit many of your App settings

Manage your App settings and Options in the App and App Options pages under the Apps tab. OTT Channel accounts have a single Web App unless otherwise ordered. OTT Channel Pro, Platform and Network accounts may have multiple Apps that can be viewed and edited. 

Create, View and Edit App Settings: 

  1. Click Add New (if available) to add a new App, skip to 3.
  2. To view and edit your App settings and information, click on the app name to view and then edit by clicking Edit at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Name your app. You should include the type of app in the name (e.g., web, iOS, Roku, etc.), but add to the name if you have multiple apps of the same time (e.g., websites) so that you can find/manage all the apps on your list. 
  4. Active should be checked if your app is live. 
  5. App Options - Choose the App Options that should be applied to this App. You can set up a single set of App Options that can be applied to all your Apps or you can have separate App Options for any or all of your Apps, if you would like different apps to have different options and user experience (UX). 
  6. Site Domain - If you started with an Endavo trial account, we have set your site subdomain on our domain (ottchannel.com) with the name you chose when signing up. You can change this if desired but be careful if you have already published links to your original URL. 
  7. Google Analytics - attach your Google Analytics property that has been connected to Endavo in settings. Click here to get more information on connecting GA. Note, a separate GA property should be set up for each of your apps in order to get reporting segregated by apps (Note: best practice to name your GA properties according to the apps they'll be attached to (e.g., GA property ID - Roku)).
  8. GEO Template - If GEO Templates are activated in your account, you can apply GEO template rules to your App, which allows/restricts access to your App based on the template rules. 
  9. Default Payment Gateway - Choose a payment gateway account that has been set up in settings. Typically you would use a single gateway account for all Apps your Apps, but you can set up separate gateway accounts for different Apps is desired. Click here for more information about setting up Payment Gateway in your account. 
  10. Custom Data - This field is optional and only used for custom App information that may be needed here or other special purposes. 

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