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Have multiple OTT apps or are you exporting channels? Publish different channels and content by creating playlists

  1. Playlists determine what content goes where. You can set up a single playlist that goes everywhere and updates automatically when you add new content to your channels. Or you can create individual playlists that send different content to different places. For example you may have a playlist that publishes all your content to your own OTT site and apps, but have a different playlist that sends a curated set of channels and content to a distribution partner. 
  2. Easy add new playlists if you have multiple apps or syndication exports and desire to publish different channels and content than your main playlist. 
  3. CLICK HERE to go to your playlist management page (you need to be signed in first).
  4. Add a new playlist by clicking Add New on the Playlists page. 
    playlist add new
  5. Manage Playlist while adding a new Playlist or by clicking on an existing playlist name. Manage channels and media (videos) on your playlist by adding/removing channels, adding individual media items (videos), or clicking on channel names to add/remove media items (videos) in published channel (Note: Adding/removing channels or videos from a playlist does not affect channels or media items (videos) in your account. Playlists only control which channels and content are published through each playlist). 
  6. Edit Playlist - Click Edit alongside a playlist name to edit title, activate, and auto-add new channels as channels are added to your account. (Note: If Auto-Add Channels is unchecked on a playlist, then any new channels must be added to the playlist manually by editing and managing playlist channels and content.)
    playlist manage

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