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Media Items Page: Manage your Video Content Library

Learn about the actions that can be taken with content in your media library while on the Media Items page.

  1. Preview Video - Preview any uploaded video in your account by clicking Play next to the video title on the Media page. 
  2. Edit Video Info - Edit video information by clicking Edit from the video title menu or click on the video title then click the Edit button at the bottom of the screen. 
      • Edit Thumbnail Image - The Endavo platform automatically chooses a frame from the video file to use as the thumbnail. You can change the thumbnail image for any video by clicking on the video’s title to see video information and then scrolling down to Landscape images. 
        • Click Edit to upload your own image
        • Click Capture from Video to choose a different frame from your video by playing the video and stopping on the frame you want to use. 
      • Add Trailer - You can add a trailer for your video (for free preview of videos behind paywall) by scrolling down the Video Information page to Trailers and clicking Add New and following instructions to upload. 
      • Add Subtitles - You can add subtitles for your video by scrolling down to Subtitles on the Video Information page, clicking Add New, and follow instructions to upload. 
      • Click Here to learn more about editing Media Items.
  3. Share Video Clips to Social - Once you connect to your social accounts on your user profile page, you can share clips from any video to your connected social accounts. Click Share in your video title menu (...) and follow instructions. (NOTE: Share feature will not be available until you connect your social accounts on your user profile. Click Here to learn more.)
  4. Delete Video - You can move any video file to Recycle Bin by clicking on the video title menu (...) and click Move to Recycle Bin. 
  5. Batch Actions - You can click the check box for multiple videos and select a batch action by clicking With Selected button once you’ve checked all the videos you want to apply action.

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