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Add A Zoom Meeting to your Live Event

Our Live Events platform includes a shop feature in the Interactive Hub using your Shopify store.

We have integrated a Zoom meeting feature for live events and virtual live events that allows you to easily have audiences join you on Zoom during or after a live event for panel discussions, Q&A, etc. 

Click Here to learn more about Zoom meetings

Steps to set up Zoom meeting in your live event

    1. If you already have a Zoom account, you can set up a meeting and grab the meeting URL to add to your Live Event in EMMS. 
    2. In the Interactive Area of the Live Event form, select Web Conference Tool > Zoom
    3. Paste Zoom meeting URL. 
    4. That's it! you should see your Zoom meeting button on the "Zoom" tab next to the video player on your Live Event page once published. You can keep the meeting active as long as the event page is active - before, during and after your event. 
    5. When users click on Zoom meeting button, the Zoom platform will launch without leaving your live event page so you can conduct your meeting on Zoom and then everyone can close out the meeting and remain on the live event page. 

    You can also stream a Zoom meeting directly into your live event player (vs. opening Zoom). Click Here to learn more. 

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