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Live Stream from Zoom to Endavo

Send a stream from Zoom to Endavo ingest servers generating an adaptive HLS stream compatible with Endavo players on the web and supported apps.



  1. Log into the EMMS, go to Media → Media and create a new Live stream entry by clicking on Add Live.

  2. After entering the required information, get the Stream Server and Stream Key information from the Media information form.

  3. Get the playback site URL from the website associated to this EMMS community.

Example of the needed information:
Stream Server: rtmp://wms01.endavomedia.com/live/
Stream Key: E0CD449333-input
Playback site URL (Cobra site): http://supporttest.endavomedia.net/media/test-event-for-zoom-368956

On Zoom.us

  1. Log into Zoom with your username and password.

  2. Click on Schedule a Meeting. Enter all the information for the meeting. At the bottom of the form click on the link: configure live stream settings

  3. Enter the Stream URL (Stream Server), Steam Key, and playback URL

  4. Zoom shows the entered fields. For example:

On the Zoom Application on Windows or other systems, click on More and then on Live on Custom Live Streaming Service to start the live stream.


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