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What is ABR (adaptive bitrate)

Quick education on ABR streaming

The Endavo platform generally streams in adaptive bitrate (ABR) to deliver the best streaming user experience possible. Adaptive bitrate streaming, ABR for short, provides the best video quality and viewer experience possible, no matter the connection, software, or device. 

To borrow from one of our streaming tech partners, Wowza, here's a good, simple explanation without all the technical details: 

To connect with users — no matter where they are — you need adaptive bitrate streaming.

That way, you can deliver high-quality streams to users with outstanding bandwidth and processing power, while also accommodating those lacking in the speed and power department.

Rather than creating one live stream at one bitrate, a transcoder is used to create multiple streams at different bitrates and resolutions. This is easily done with a media server software.

Multiple renditions allow for playback on different bandwidths. The media server then sends the highest-quality stream possible for each viewer’s device and connection speed. And this is all done in the most efficient manner possible.

The result? No buffering or stream interruptions. Plus, as a viewer’s signal strength goes from two bars to three, the stream dynamically adjusts to deliver a superior rendition.

Adaptive bitrate streaming is vital to anyone trying to reach their target viewers. Why? Because viewers no longer notice it. They simply expect it.

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