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Learn how to share your content to YouTube and Vimeo by utilizing playlists to organize your video content.

  1. Syndication enables sharing or distribution of your channel(s) to other Endavo accounts or to external distribution channels, including YouTube and Vimeo. 
  2. Endavo Export - Use this tab to create playlists that you can export to other Endavo accounts by giving them an access key to your Endavo Export that they will import. 
    • Export Set-up - Click Add New on the Endavo Export page. Name your export (e.g., name of Endavo account you’re exporting to). Add a new or existing playlist. Click done.
    • Once saved, you can manage your playlist or set the playlist to update automatically when you add content and channels.
    • Access Key - Generate an access key that you will give to your Endavo syndication partner. They will enter this key in their Endavo Import. 
    • Manage any geo rights or restrictions that will override any geo rules established by your syndication partners. This is normally done if you have specific geo rights for your channels or content. 
  3. Endavo Import (upgraded accounts only) - Import channels from any Endavo channel partner. Just have your partner(s) set up an Endavo Export and send you the syndication access. Click Add New to enter the access code and activate the import. 
  4. MRSS Export (upgraded accounts only) - Export an MRSS feed of your selected channel(s) to an external distribution partner that can accept an MRSS feed. 
    • Add MRSS Export - Click Add New on the MRSS Export page. Name your export feed (e.g., the receiving party name), choose your playlist or add a new playlist, and complete the remainder of the MRSS form as needed. 
    • MRSS URL - A MRSS URL will be generated once you save a new MRSS Export. The URL is public by default. Add a Global Access Key to issue a private and secure feed. 
  5. MRSS Import (upgraded accounts only) - Receive an MRSS feed from an outside source by simply entering the MRSS import URL provided by your content partner. Enter the URL by clicking Add New on the Endavo Import page. 
  6. External Syndication - Publish your selected channels and content to your YouTube and Vimeo accounts from EMMS.
    • Add New - Click Add New on the External Syndication page. Name your export (e.g., your YouTube channel name) and choose YouTube or Vimeo. You will be prompted to sign in to your selected account. 
    • Manage content for sending to YouTube or Vimeo by adding an existing playlist or creating a new one. Tip: If you want to limit the content being sent to YouTube or Vimeo (e.g., promotional trailers or preview content), it is best to create a new playlist for social, uncheck auto-add channels, and manually add your selected channels or specific media items that you want to share on YouTube or Vimeo.

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