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How to turn your content into a must-watch series.

  1. Series can be used if you have episodic and seasonal content. 
  2. Add Series - Click Add New on the Series page 
  3. A Series Title is required 
  4. Add Series to a Category and Channel (optional). Note: Channel and Category must already exist in EMMS before you can add to a Series. 
  5. Edit Series by clicking on the series name on the Series page and clicking Edit. Click Done to save changes. 
  6. Images - Upload your series graphics, which will be used by your apps. 
    • Landscape - Upload a 1920 x 1080 image and select landscape image profiles. This image is used for channels page, carousels, and player page for the channel; it is also used for some backgrounds on TV apps. (Advanced: You can upload different images for each specific size if desired).
    • Banner - Upload a 1920 x 685 image and select banner profiles. This image is used for your series page and certain series backgrounds on TV apps.
    • Portrait - If you plan to use portrait series images on your apps, you will need to add portrait images. (Note: Our standard apps do not use portrait images, but custom apps can use them if desired.)
  7. Description - Add as much descriptive copy as desired, including external web links. Note: Adding descriptive copy can help with SEO. 
  8. Once a Series has been established in EMMS, you can add multiple Seasons by adding a Channel and selecting Type > Season. Once a Season has been established in EMMS, you can add episodes to a season by adding a Media Item, then selecting a Season and giving an episode number. 
  9. Series User Experience - Once a Series has been published to your apps, users will be able to select a season to watch or default to season 1, episode 1. Logged-in users (members) will be able to watch through episodes and seasons and the system will keep track of progress and resume where they left off the next time they log in and go to the series on any of your apps.

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