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Review and Edit Content in a Channel

See list of content in a channel to remove or reorder

There are a couple ways to see a list of content that is included in a channel in EMMS and certain actions can be taken. 

  1. Click on a Channel and scroll down the Channel page to see list of content, including standard media items and series. From there you can remove or reorder videos. Remove videos by clicking Remove. There are 2 ways to reorder videos in a channel: 
    1. Reorder videos or series by dragging files to desired location and clicking Done. The new order will be saved. 
    2. Reorder videos or series by reassigning the numerical order index then click Update Order when finished reordering. 
  2. Go to the Media Items page and click on the Search dropdown. Select the desired Channel and click Search. This will give you a list of videos in the channel searched. To remove videos from the channel, check the items to remove, then click With Selected > Remove from Channel. 

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