Manage your Billing and Account

Manage your credit card and account information once you have activated your OTT Channel.

Once you have activated your OTT Channel account, you can easily manage your credit card and account status by going to the Billing page under Settings

Billing Page

  1. Change your credit card information by clicking Change Card.
  2. Cancel Subscription by clicking Cancel Subscription and click Unsubscribe to confirm. 
  3. If you cancel subscription, you can use your account through the end of the current billing cycle. During this time you can reactivate your subscription by clicking Reactivate on the Billing page.
    Billing Reactivate
  4. You can also delete your credit card immediately after cancelling your subscription by clicking Delete Card. IMPORTANT NOTE: We will delete all of your content and personal information, including your credit card, once your account is permanently deleted if not reactivated.