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Create an Endavo Import

Import channels and playlists from other Endavo accounts using access key.

If you have an OTT Network account, you can import channels and playlists from your Channel Partners or other Endavo accounts that have Endavo Export enabled. Imported playlists may have a single or multiple channels. You can manage incoming content that you receive into your account and you have limited editing capabilities for imported content. 

Steps to import an Endavo partner playlist

  1. Go to Syndication > Endavo Import > Add New 
  2. You need to receive an Access Key that you will paste into the Access Key Field. 
  3. Once Access Key is successfully added, your new Endavo Import information will be displayed with some fields that you need to complete. 
    1. Name
    2. Moderation Status (select Pending if you want to moderate (approve/reject) channel manually)
    3. Ads platform Fee if you plan to share advertising revenue with your channel partner
    4. Default Category and Category Mapping, in case incoming content has no categories assigned or different categories that yours. 
    5. Channel Mapping (only allowed if channel partner allows), in case you want to redirect partner channel to one of your existing channels. If you want to display partner channels just as they are sending them, then do not map channels. 
    6. Save
    Below the import form, you will see incoming content (series, seasons, channels, individual media items) and you can preview videos. It will normally take up to 15 minutes to sync the import with your account so content will be available for publishing to your playlist(s) and further management.