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Does Endavo use Digital Right Management (DRM) to prevent video piracy?

“DRM” broadly refers to technologies that are used to limit access to digital content (like video) to the viewers who are entitled to access it (for free or for purchase/rental). Types of protections include: limiting the number of times a video file can be played concurrently, device login limitations, file/stream encryption it so that videos can’t be easily copied, and special encoding formats that only work with specific browsers, players and devices that offer higher levels of content security.

Endavo provides a certain amount of standard content protection and access management by using network-based technologies through our content deliver network (CDN) partners, as well as using our own internal user authentication/access technologies. The standard layers of protection we provide is sufficient for most content owners, especially balanced with cost. We understand that your content is valuable and you can spend a lot of money to try to secure it up to a certain degree.  But there is no foolproof way to completely 100% secure digital content. But there are ways to minimize risk, and there are actions you can take if you believe your work has been stolen.

Endavo Content Security Technologies

Endavo provides a multi-layered approach to content and access protection, balanced with minimizing security costs and maximizing user experience. 

  • CDN (network) security and encryption - We provide encryption of content streams and use token authentication technology from our network partners to limit content streaming to your players and apps. CLICK HERE to review security services provided by one of our network (CDN) partners. 
  • User Authentication - set up registration and paywall access for your channels and content on your Endavo dashboard, requiring users to securely log in before accessing restricted content. Track user activity, plans and transactions. 
  • GEO limitations - set up GEO restrictions on your Endavo dashboard, which specifically RESTRICTS access in specified countries or only ALLOWS access in specified countries. 
    geo templates
  • Device limitations - you can set the number of maximum active device logins your users/subscribers can have open at one time. This is good way to limit password sharing risks. But you should consider balancing limitations with user experience since it's likely that your users may desire to watch your content on multiple devices, especially if you have multiple apps available for your OTT service. 
  • Advanced DRM - select OTT Platform and Network customers can apply for more advanced custom DRM at additional costs, which can be quoted upon application.