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Streaming Bandwidth Calculator

Estimate streaming (CDN) usage by using our Bandwidth Estimate Calculator

CLICK HERE to open our Bandwidth Estimate Calculator

You'll need to enter:

  • estimate of average streaming duration (how long each viewer will view). For video on demand or live channel (24x7) streaming, estimate how much content you think the average viewer will watch per month. For live events, input the duration of the event, if you believe the average viewer will watch all of it. 
  • estimate of concurrent or total viewers (streams) for an event or for the month if VOD streaming. 
  • select an average bitrate (2.828 Kbps, 720p) is probably a good choice unless you are streaming at a fixed bitrate. Since we stream with adaptive bitrate (ABR) technology, it is impossible to know the actual average bitrate in advance since streaming bitrates adapt to end users' Internet connection/speed.
  • You can add an optional specific bitrate if you want to override the bitrate selector. 
  • Click Calculate
  • You will be given total viewing time (hours:mins) delivered and number of Gigabytes (GBs) transferred over the network. You can multiply this number with your CDN rate under your platform order and agreement (or proposal) in order to estimate CDN costs.