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Category Information Page

The Category Information form has many fields and options to help you organize your content library and drive viewer discovery.

Category Information Page fields and options: 

  1. Allow Member Uploads - if you allow member video uploads from your website (upgrade option), this category will be available for members to upload to.

  2. Landscape Images - Upload 2 image sizes here: Full HD1920x1080 and Banner 1920x685. Landscape images are used for category listings and carousels. Background is used for certain apps. Banner is used on channel page on website and apps.

  3. Portrait Images - Not for standard use. Can be used for custom apps and carousels.

  4. Description - It’s important to add a brief but complete description of your category to drive search and discovery.

  5. System Tags - Only used in special circumstances to pull categories by system tag.

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