Add System Users

Add users to your EMMS account and give them permissions.

You can add users to your Endavo (EMMS) account and allow them to have access to specific areas of your account based on your permissions. 


  1. Go to System > System Users > Add New
    System User Form
  2. Complete User Information form (some fields required) 
  3. Access Levels
    1. Admin access give user complete access to your EMMS account 
    2. User access gives user specific access based on the permissions you check
      1. Regular (Basic) - A Regular user can access all tabs and features with the exception of account settings and financial reports. Regular users have limited edit rights.
      2. Finance - A finance user can only access financial reports
      3. Moderator - A moderator can only access the content moderation module to review, accept and deny moderated media.
      4. SEO - A SEO user can only access media, series, channels, categories for the purpose of managing metadata for SEO purposes. 
      System User Access Level

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