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Add Google Analytics Properties to Apps and Players

Easily add GA properties to all your apps and players after you connect your properties to Endavo.

Add Google Analytics Property to your Web App or other Apps 

Once you create and add a new GA Universal Analytics property to your Endavo account, you can add that property your respective Web App platform or other Endavo App Platforms. Learn more about adding GA properties to your Endavo account. You can choose to add a single GA property to all app platforms or you can set up individual GA property accounts for one or more app platforms. 

  1. Go to your App Platform under Apps (Apps > Choose App (Main App default) > Platforms > choose Platform (website default) )

    Apps Platform Access
  2. Click Edit or click on Platform you want to edit, then click Edit
  3. Select the Google Analytics Property name you want to connect with this App Platform, then click Update

    Edit App Platform Settings

Add GA Property to Embed Players

You can assign your main GA property to your embed players, or create a separate GA property for embed players, if desired. Once connected you can track all your activity on embed players used for your third party websites, etc. 

  1. Go to your Embed Player screen in the Apps section
    Embed Player Screen
  2. Click edit to add your GA Account then Update
    Add GA to Embed


Once you've added GA properties to your apps and players, you can track actvitiy and generate reports in the Reports tab. Click on Reports > Views to see default views report. 

  1. If you added separate individual GA properties to your App Platforms, you can filter on each GA account or display a roll-up (default) with dropdown on the left. 
    Views Report Multiple GA Accts
  2. If you added a single GA property to all app platforms and players, you can filter on each in the search area. 
    Views Platform Search